Rumors of The Tyrant Star

Game for 27 and up

This is an open invitation to people in the Los Angeles area to join a campaign of Dark Heresy.  Dark Heresy is a tabletop rpg set in the Warhammer 40k universe.

I'm a 34 year old gamesmaster who likes to experiment with the medium. My style is cinematic and my games are based around the simple idea of "What are interesting things for the players to do?" 

 Ideal players are mature, enthusiastic, dependable and open to new gaming experiences.  One trend I've observed in my gaming is that the more a player has in their life outside the gaming table, the more enjoyable they are at the gaming table.  As a result, I'll admit a bias. I have a preference for older gamers (over 27) with active careers. 

 The game would probably be run every other Friday night or every other Saturday afternoon.  Contact me if you're in the LA area and interested. 

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